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USTC_Triangle (solved:04, ranked - 10)

The USTC_Triangle team has achieved 10th place in the CUET CSE FEST 2018 programming contest

In CUET CSE FEST 2018 programming contest following teams are participate from University of Science & Technology Chittagong

USTC_Triangle (solved:04, ranked-10)
Sujan Das 27th Batch, CSE
Saiful Islam 28th Batch, CSE
Emon Barua 28th Batch, CSE
USTC_BLACK (solved:02)
Md.Ehsanul Islam Khan 29th Batch, CSE
Solaiman Hridoy 29th Batch, CSE
Mehenaz Taherin 29th Batch, CSE
USTC_BITCODE (solved:02)
Syantani Nath Inty 31th Batch, CSE
Omar Faruk Shawon 29th Batch, CSE
Umme Asma Lidiyaa 29th Batch, CSE
USTC_Mystery_Hunters (solved:01)
Nazmul Ahasan Shohan 31th Batch, CSE
Sajjad Hossain 31th Batch, CSE
Mainul Hasan Sifat 31th Batch, CSE

Mr. Rezuan Karim, Dean, FSET congratulated them and wish their success.